Finishing Operations

Geater Machining & Manufacturing, Co.


How does Geater Machining and Manufacturing perform at world class levels for both quality and on-time delivery? GOLD, or Geater Operating Linking Database.

GOLD was created in 2013 and is our shop floor manufacturing support program.   GOLD encompasses internal/external documents, renderings, written/video work instructions, control plans, and much more.

Take a virtual tour and experience the GOLD standard!

Finishing Operations

Geater's finishing operations are what enables us to be that single source supplier you are looking for. Geater has the ability to build single parts or complex assemblies requiring both precision machining and sheet metal fabrication. Chemfilm, paint, mark, screen and assemble all under one roof. Geater's multiple capabilities to perform a wide variety of secondary operations allows delivery of value-added precision metal products to our customers.
employee working on finishing operations station

Finishing Operations

Paint Capabilities

Painting Capabilities
(2) Paint booths in environment controlled room (max part size 24"x24"x15" tall)
Geater’s painters mix, prepare and apply atomized paint, ink or other coating agents to products per customer’s and NADCAP requirements.

Prep for Paint:
Geater’s prep department prepares parts for the paint application. Prep technicians apply various types of tape, plugs and custom fixtures to parts per the customer’s requirements.

  • Custom molds
  • Custom plotters/ die cuts
  • Custom fixtures

Deprep for Paint:
Geater’s Deprep department removes masking, paint burrs and touches up any areas that require it. Deprep technicians also apply filler and inks into engraving on painted or bare metal surfaces.

chem film dipping stationproduct that has been applied with chem film

Finishing Operations

Chem Film/Passivation

Special Processes

Chromate Dip Process
Conversion coatings can be applied to aluminum and aluminum alloys per MIL-C-5541D

Chem-Film Coatings
Clear Chromate (Alodine #1500)
Yellow Chromate (Alodine #1600)                                                                                                        RoHs Chromate (MacDermid NCP)

Trivalent Chemical Conversion (Mil-Dtl-5541 Type 2, Class 3 & 1A) (Bonderite M-CR 5900)
Max. Part Size 28"x40"x24"tall

Light Chromate Dip

Treatments for corrosion resistance can be applied to Series 300 and 400 stainless steel per QQ P-35, ASTM A 967, and AMS 2700

Nadcap Approved (Chemical Processing)
Boeing Approved (Mil-Dtl-5541)

Finishing Operations

Powder Coat

powder coat machineemployee markingpowder coat machine

Parts are prepared for powder coat application using various types of tape, plugs, and custom fixtures per the customer’s requirements.

  • Custom Molds
  • Custom plotter/die cuts
  • Custom fixtures

Dry powder paint is applied electrostatically and cured with heat. Meets various military and federal specifications.

  • Epoxy Powder Coatings
  • Polyester Powder Coatings: TGIC Polyester and Urethane Polyester
  • Hybrid Powder Coatings
  • Rail system with racking
    • (2) Gas ovens
    • Powder Coat Spray Booth in environmentally controlled room

    Masking, plugs, and paint burrs are removed and parts are touched up where applicable to meet customer specification of finished product.

    Finishing Operations

    Hardware Installation

    inside Geater building where hardware is installedinside Geater building where hardware is installed

    The Assembly department uses various press style machines capable of 10,000 lbs of pressure. A few examples of hardware we install: all types of rivets, PEM style nuts, clinch nuts, hex nut, floating nuts, standoffs, and much more… Materials ranging from stainless steel to aluminum alloy and coming in an array of sizes and coatings.

    This hardware can be installed to any depth using our positive stop system on the machines.

    In addition, our labor area is responsible for adhesives, insulators, tape, heli coils, keen inserts, heat staking, screw assemblies, foam/rubber pads, bushings, fingerstock, grommets, and gaskets.

    Finishing Operations


    Geater Resistance Welding:

    NADCAP Certified in resistance welding.

    Utilizing Weld Computer technology to control a variety of weld parameters, for precise welding results.

    Ability to weld aluminum and stainless steel sheet metal materials, sum total range up to .250” (1/4”).

    Utilizing Military and AWS resistance welding specifications.

    Welding of 3 different classifications of resistance welding: A, B and C

    Amperage ranges from 5,000 to 40,000 amps.

    Ranges of force utilized: 200 LBS to 700 LBS of force.

    Ability to weld multiples of different assemblies within tight tolerance zones.

    • With a variety of different tooling, enables the ability to be creative with different types of setup arrangements for a multitude of different assemblies

    Utilizing water coolers to increase weld time and longevity within the machines, as well as the tooling and the ability to produce more welds in a short amount of time.

    employee working at welding machinewelding machine

    Laser Engraving

    inside Geater building where hardware is installedinside Geater building where hardware is installed

    High quality marking capable of alphanumeric or barcodes.

     20 watt Laser capable of marking aluminum, steel, stainless, plastics, etc...

    Table size is 31.5” wide x 33.85” deep x 11.81” tall with powered x and y gantry

    Finishing Operations


    powder coat machine

    Component identification with application capabilities of:

    Rubber Stamping

    (3) Inkjet marking machines


    Finishing Operations

    Silk Screening

    employee silk screening

    Logos and other information can be manually silk screened onto plastics, carbon fiber, unfinished metals, powder coated surfaces, and painted surfaces in Grades A and B using various inks.

    Our automated screening table can apply two colors per setup using UV curable inks onto unfinished, powder coated, and painted surfaces.

    Max part size: 24” x 30” x 1/2” thick

    3D Printing

    Maximum print size: 12.5”x5.98”x6.0”

    3x printers running material: Onyx

    3D Printer