Sheet Metal Fabrication


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Geater offers a wide array of sheet metal fabrication processes. High speed punching machines coupled with laser cutting abilities gives us the versatility to turn parts around very quickly. Additional sheet metal fabrication equipment includes CNC press brakes with multi axis back gauges, time saver, multiple hand brakes, drill presses, rollers and shears. Geater has the ability to punch, bend, spotweld and finish complete sheet metal assemblies all under one roof while cutting float and que times to mere minutes. Through many lean initiatives, such as SMED events, Geater has been able to reduce setups times enabling reduction of batch sizes while focusing on single piece flow.
sheet metal fabrication machine

Sheet Metal Fabrication


Sheet metal fabrication equipment 1
Sheet metal fabrication equipment 2
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Sheet Metal Fabrication


Accurshear capacity 1/4"; 10 feet

Materials Size
Aluminum .02 - .25
CRS .02 - .25
HRS .02 - .25
Copper .015 - .125
Brass .015 - .125
Plastic .010 - .1875
Stainless Steel .015 - .125

Maximum Sheet Size
50" x 120"

Maximum Cut Out Area
45" x 120"

Locational Tolerances Hole Size
Turrets/Laser +/- .004 +/- .001
pile of sheet metal